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Icon Candy

have a peice...

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What Is This? Icon Candy is a new community for icon designers, template designers, or just those looking for a good icon or template. We have any open membership and anyone is able to join and post right away.

Do I have to post icons if I join? No! You can simply join just to look at others icons. There are no requirements as to posting.

What kind of icons may I post? Any kind ranging from neopets - tv shows - or even erotic ones... the choice is yours. However, if you do post any 'rated R and up' icons please put them behind a cut.

Do I have to use an lj cut? If you are posting more than three icons, please post them behind a cut but leave one icon out as a 'teaser' so we may preview the set.

Who runs this community? This community is run by _shesbleeding and hitzusin.

Do I have to credit the community for any icons I take? Nope. Some users who post their icons/templates ask for credit. If this is the case please follow their rules, but it is not needed to credit the community in its entire form. However, if you do like this community, please post a link to us in your userinfo to support the group.